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Spirit Development

Choose your base spirits, add the flavours of the moment, combine them with the colour of your choice and let us imagine the most appropriate and innovative packaging!

  • ­Fruit/flower/spice/ vegetable and yogurt liqueurs
  • ­Cream liqueurs
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails
  • ­Wine-based products

Spirit Production

Flexibility and security on our production lines

  • Bottling lines adapted to various sizes ranging from 5cl to 1,75L
  • Partly industrialized equipment for bottles up to 1,75L
  • Bottling capacity: 8 million bottles per year
  • Automatic systems for a wide variety of packaging solutions BIB, decanter etc
  • Self adhesive labels (PE and PP), 360° labels, fiscal banderols
  • Wide range of capsules and closures Traceability from reception of raw materials to shipment
  • Control of cleaning cycles (CIP system)
  • Control over allergenic and glass risk
  • Controlled atmosphere process Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP): we bring an adapted solution to a technical incident paralyzing our customer’s equipment

Expertise & Advice

Provide advice and carry out feasibility studies for your projects

  • ­Equipment control for small trial runs (1 L to 100 L)
  • Laboratory tests: ageing tests are carried out at each stage of development
  • Sensory analysis panel
  • Quality control laboratory: microbiological and physicochemical analysis (the laboratory has secure admission control, 24/7)
  • Pack expertise for the technical feasibility of your projects
  • International registration expertise International expertise in the sourcing and selection of raw materials
  • Commercial, technological and regulatory intelligence
  • Committed to a continuous improvement procedure

Logistics Solutions

Tailored logistics with international expertise:

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification: customs simplification at export and safety of the goods in the supply chain (mutual recognition agreement with the USA, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and soon China)
  • Authorized warehouse keeper
  • Finished goods storage in temperate zone
  • Optimisation of shipments: palletisation planning and loading of container